Amazing!! As complete beginners to dancing, we contacted Captiv8 to get some help for our wedding first dance and everything was much better than we expected. Both Oya and Ed were amazing, they truly had amazing energy. We had a couple of songs in mind and we decided to go for the more challenging one in terms of choreography however they did not hesitate once and created this amazing and fun choreography – although we got too excited and forgot most of it at the wedding, it was amazing. Just enjoy the classes – we are actually thinking of starting to classes again

Ipek & Fatih Guler

Great teachers! They created a coreography for our wedding first dance! We started with basic moves finishing with some amazing turns and more. Loved every minute when rehearsing. They go at your peace not pushing and modifying moves if u need to, to feel comfortable with them when dancing Definitely recommend others!

Mary Molina José

Whether you are an absolute beginner looking for a group session, a couple looking for wedding dance classes or just like to move, definitely drop captiv8 a note. They host both group classes and private sessions for people of all levels and both Edgar and Oya are among the nicest people you will ever meet! Cannot recommend highly enough. I have been doing group sessions with them for the past 2 years and it is really refreshing to be in a studio that isn’t cramped to death and where the teacher tailors the pace of the class to the group to ensure everyone can follow.

Anita Acavalos

We took 1:1 classes ahead of our wedding. Oya and Ed were the most wonderful teachers and worked around our schedule to fit in classes. You could tell they really wanted us to enjoy the dance and do well.

Oya’s enthusiasm was so infectious, she was always happy and smiling. In 5 lessons we managed to perfect a wedding dance from scratch having never taken a dance class before!

We would fully recommend their services and we wish them every continued success.

Mark Sanj

Absolutely lovely and passionate teachers that make dancing fun to learn regardless of dance style! They bring amazing energy to the studio and create an environment where you feel comfortable even if you never danced before! Everyone welcoming and social… easy to make friends. Good exercise!

muna elmi

I was not a dancer before I came across the teachers at Captiv8 Dance. Regardless of whether you want to challenge yourself and try something completely new, get back to a hobby you used to have, finish your wedding dance in style, make new friends, smile without reason, jump around and lose weight, improve balance and coordination, maybe even perform or have an out-of-body experience when you the first time nail that double turn, these guys will 100% get you there. I think I now pretty much dance all styles they teach and could not recommend more.

Maiju Kettunen

We had Wedding Couple dance with them!!! They are awwwwesome seriously! Every single classes athmosphere was just fun and they made so easy to pick up each steps for our choreography which was not a simple dance (6 different styles, 1 mashup song, 5:30mins withing 3.5 months) We talked about how we imagine our fist wedding dance, which style what song…etc. Ed and Oya just amazing.. Ed finalised idea of our dance routine was more then we ever thought of. Oya’s smile and cheerful attitude was pleasant and she made sure that every little detail (legs and hands) will be on the right place to look smooth and “professional”.They are funny, very talented, super helpful, super SEXY! 🙂 RECOMMENDED

Barbara Csomor-Tamás

I would absolutely highly recommend Edgars and Oya to produce the most fantastic wedding dance for you. We approached them asking to teach us something amazing to blow our wedding guests away. We shared ideas involving a range of different dance styles including, Jive, Street Dance, Salsa and a range of lifts and drops. What they put together for us was incredible and exactly what we wanted. Edgars is so talented and quick to adapt the routine to whatever we wanted it to be. When learning the partner sequences I was amazed at Oya and Edgars professionalism and ease to work with.
My husband and I were nervous because they made it all look so great and so easy, that we never thought we would be able to look as good.
However, with Edgars and Oyas incredible patience and ability to teach anyone to dance, they made us feel relaxed and we were so inspired at the end of each session. So much that we just wanted to keep practicing at home to make it perfect.

We were continuously encouraged and involved in the routine content throughout all of our dance lessons leading up to our wedding day. What I also loved was that they were not afraid to tell us when something didn’t work, which we appreciated. They were there to support us every step of the way and we have since attended some of their dance classes with Captiv8, for way more dancing fun!

Because of Edgars and Oya we well and truly blew our guests away in shock on our big day and everyone complimented our amazeballs dance (which we still pull off whenever we can!). Thank you both sooo much!!

Colette Muldowney

My husband and I met Oya at a wedding show back in February, and it was one of the first things we purchased for our wedding. At the time it was an impulse decision, I think prompted after meeting Oya and experiencing her warm personality. We bought a package of 5 classes, and in the end I think we added two additional classes. I would definitely recommend Captiv8 – Oya and Ed are such nice people, and they made the experience of learning the dance steps a lot of fun. We wanted to do something different and had an idea for a mash-up of two different songs. Ed put together a great routine that had challenging elements but once we got the steps down, we loved it. Now that I’m reflecting about It, I think the classes really enhanced our relationship, too. Outside of class we spent dedicated amounts of time practicing the dance steps together – practicing looking into each other’s eyes, supporting each other, moving in sync. It was a great bonding experience and I’d like to continue dancing together in the future. If you’re thinking about taking classes with Captiv8, I highly recommend their classes.

Gregory Diamond

I booked up private lessons with Captiv8 Dance with a view to improving my partner dancing skills. I feel that I have really improved my overall skill level / confidence in just a few lessons with Ed and Oya. These guys are amazing, patient and so much fun to learn from. I would highly recommend without hesitation.

Minesh Patel

Having had Ed’s street dance class as my first, ever dance experience, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have had a better teacher: especially as a complete, and extremely shy, beginner.

I’ve danced street with Ed for more than two years now, and I found that many of the moves / skills I’ve learnt has helped me pick up new dance styles much easier, with a lot more confidence.

I fully recommend Captiv8 Dance as the lessons here are energetic and fun; the choreography is amazing; the teachers are attentive, nice, and helpful; and the dancers are super welcoming, friendly and awesome! 🙂

Samantha Sy

We are having private classes for our first dance with Oya and Ed. Despite me having no rhythm and both of us having 4 left feet, we can honestly say that after the third class we no longer look like drunk robots and can probably hold our own during a social dance. These two are amazing, their lighthearted approch make it so much fun and easy to learn how to dance.

Christoph Majewski

If you want to learn how to dance or learn an amazing routine Captiv8 Dance is the place to do it. They taught us our first wedding dance which was so fun learn with them, lots of humor and laughter during the leassons. The teachers are amazing and made moves that looked impossible so easy to learn. If you dont like a move they will come up with another in a second.

I would highly recommend them for any dance or routine you would like to learn !

Thanks so much for our amazing wedding dance it was perfect ! xxx

Zuhre Webb

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